Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Dilemma between Modernization and Tradition

Indonesia has many mother languages, but to face the modernization, they cannot use their mother languages. As the global language, they have to master English well. Because of that fact, in Indonesia nowadays, English has big number of students in every University that have English study program, whether English Education or English Literary. In kindergarten, English became major subject from first grade. This fact shows how interesting English for Indonesian people.
Different with several country like Malaysia or Australia, English in Indonesia act as foreign language. By that fact, the method to learn English is different, the mastery also different. In several cities in Indonesia, students feel difficult in speaking, especially for Javanese people. Even, in that area, appear some jokes about that, i.e. they called it “Janglish” or Javanese English.
In this case, Javanese are in dilemma. In one side they want to their culture (language, arts, etc) still exist in this modern era, but in other side, the modernization make them slowly leave their own language. To learn English, people should learn the language culture from the language come from. It makes the Javanese young generation know more about English and its culture than their own culture. Even some people say that Javanese culture is ancient, dark and boring. Actually, Javanese culture is great; the proof is many strangers come to Java Island, to learn about the culture. They learn the language, arts and also the daily activity.
But anyway, English still has special place in Indonesia, especially in Javanese people. By English, they can introduce their culture into international world, and the world will see that Javanese culture is great, beautiful, and near by the nature.


  1. After i read this article, im from Java island too hope that the dilemma should be resolved by Javanese people.They must open in mind to share one another to the common people.



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