Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Influence of Western Culture into Young Generations’ Mind

I have read that, to annihilate a country or region, it doesn’t need tank, guns, or a million of soldiers. One simple thing, but very effective is: make the young generations of certain country forget about their history (of their country) and their culture. Culture (with historical aspects inside) is one of the pieces that became the important parts in a region (country). Every country has different culture, and it shows their character, and also identity. Culture can be reflected on the society, people who live there, and as the social product, it can be seen on daily life, music, or literary works. We can see that, each country has difference in some aspects above.
English (or America), as the most influential country in this period, continuously penetrate their culture into whole world. Nowadays, English is the international world that used in around the world, and it gives a chance to their (English and America) culture slowly influence almost young generations in many country around the world, by movies, music, and literary works. When people watch their movies, listen their music, and read their literary works, automatically they will learn about their culture, then learn about their perspective. When people do it continuously, they will forget about their identity, history, and their culture.
Culture of a region sometimes can be applied in other country, that’s the problem. Western is different with eastern culture, that more pointed on politeness. For example, Indonesian culture is one of the most polite in the world. As the country that built by group of many cultures, Indonesia has unique culture. Unfortunately, the young generation is more western than eastern. This is can be separated by movies, music, and literary works. In Indonesia, English became favorite language, and it can be seen on so many students that learn English Study Program in many Universities.
Based on my experience, some Universities only used English and American literary works in Literary Criticism or Literary Appreciation. Their reason is, “because we learn English, so we have to read English literary works.” The term suka karena terbiasa (loves because of habit) will make the student read English literary works more than Indonesian literary works. Slowly, they will forget their culture (I hope not), and that is a danger alarm.
It must be changed, and it is the governments, because this is related to safety of a region. Government must aware that culture is one aspect that supports a region (or country) still exists. When they are aware, we have one more chance to save our region from the penetration of western culture.
But we must prepare ourselves, when government likes western culture more than their culture. Several months ago, our government learns about democracy in other region, and it gives us enough proof that our government already influences by western culture. And it is the signal for us to prepare ourselves, to face anything happens after that part.



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