Sunday, November 6, 2011

Midnight Orchestra

God has made the human become the special entity. As the last entity that came into this world, human grow with many things, and it makes human survive. Human can think, while the other entity like animals only uses their instinct. Human also develop in their way, they can interact between one and another, with the language. Language makes them are able to share their idea to another. The language is spoken and written language, it uses to interact between someone to others. But basically, human has other language, the language that used by human to interact with other entity beside human.
Human is not the only one in this world. Animals, trees, and others are also live in this world. All religions also said that human are the one of the entity in this world. There is another life in this world, but they are immaterial. In Indonesia (especially in Java), this is become usual issue. Even it can be said that Javanese are grow alongside with the supernatural around them. Some Javanese people even are able to interact with ghaib (something can’t be seen without supernatural power) entity. They develop their own language to make some conversations with the ghaib.
That is one of the many factors that makes there are many myths and also legends in Java. The name like Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, Kyai Petruk, Kiai Sapujagad, etc. is popular name in Javanese society, and they are not human. They can be the natural spirit that guards a place, like the ocean or mountain. Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is very popular name, and she’s famous as the guardian in Laut Selatan (the ocean located in south side of Java Island). Kyai Petruk and Kiai Sapujagad are famous as the guardian in Merapi (the most active volcano in the world, located in the border of Yogyakarta and Jawa Tengah). And many more.
Actually, human can interact with the spirit with certain practice. But, it quite hard because Javanese are the society that more awareness in supernatural aspect. The practice is a practice that can strengthen the supernatural power.
The interaction between human and spirit (ghaib) is not only from the oral or written language, but maximize all the part of the body (eyes, nose, ears, skin, and heart). Indirectly, people actually often interact with the spirit, but they are not aware. Sometime when human eyes captured the strange object, it can be the spirit. The spirit not exists, and they can transform their body into various object. But, when people can see the spirit with eyes, it means that the human has special power to see the unseen object like spirit. And not all human are able to do that.
But many people have interaction with the spirit through the sound and the smell. That process is the most way for the people to get interacts with the spirit. Certain smells are indicates that the spirit not too far away with human. The flower smell indicates that the spirit is close with human. When the smell is good, it can be the good spirit. But when the smell is horrific, it may that the spirit is bad. Same with human, the spirits also divided into good and bad. The smell of the spirit existence is only in small area, and it located in certain places like cemetery or place without or less human activity on it.
Different with smell, sound also can be indicates the supernatural being. But, it reaches larger area, more than a kilometer. The sound usually heard in the midnight until before the dawn, and the sound is various, from the marching band (people that live around Adisucipto Airport often hear it), until the sound of Javanese concert, full with the Javanese song, Macapat (often heard by people that live in as long as Progo River, the river that separates Bantul Regency and Kulon Progo Regency), and the Wayang Kulit show. The characteristic of the sound that came from the supernatural being is that sound is not too loud or too slow. It heard properly and mixes with the ear. But when there is someone wants to see or to get closer with the sound, the sound will be gone, and it heard in another place. The point is, the sounds only hear from the far place, and it can be heard in the close area. It seems like midnight orchestra, because it is very entertaining.
That is several indicate about supernatural being. Human can interact with the spirit by those ways. Based on the fact that human is not the only one that live in this world, human should aware that there are supernatural being around them. The awareness makes human more wise about something happen in this world. The awareness about ghaib also makes human more careful and hopefully, getting close to God, because the God is the biggest power in the universe. In Javanese, they call the God with Gusti Kang Maha Agung (the Greatest), Gusti Kang Murbeng Dumadi (the Creator of Life), etc. 



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