Monday, December 3, 2012

Alternative Tourism Objects in Yogyakarta, Indonesia part 1

We know that Yogyakarta has many famous tourism objects, such as Malioboro, The Palace of Ngayogyakarta, Parangtritis Beach, Merapi, etc. But, Yogyakarta has many hidden tourism objects, spread in almost area of Yogyakarta; Bantul, Sleman, Kulon Progo, and Gunung Kidul. That objects have different feel with the existed tourism objects. Even, some of them are the wild area, which only inhabitants knew about them, sometime the mystical theme surrounding them. So, people guard them for many years, to respect the ancestors in that place.
But it is different now. The objects are opened, or the inhabitants are welcoming the tourists, as long as the tourists keep their attitude. Below are the alternative tourism objects in Yogyakarta where you can visit when you come to Yogyakarta:

The Menoreh Mountain Range
This is recommended for you that like adventure and challenge. Menoreh Mountain Range has the highest spot in Yogyakarta where you can see Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Hindia Ocean, the twin mountain Merapi and Merbabu and also Sindoro and Sumbing in Central Java. Morning time is the finest if you want to see the best view. Menoreh Mountain Range has many good places such as Kiskendo Cave, which is the home of Subali and Sugriwa, the legendary Monkey King. It also has Sendang Widodaren, where the legend said that you can keep your youth if you clean your face with the water from that place. it also become the place for angels (widodari – Javanese word means angel) take a bath. So, this place will give you different experience and feel of Yogyakarta.
Menorah Mountain Range is easy to find. It located on west side from the center of Yogyakarta about a hundred kilometers. The way is good and you can go there by any vehicle, by bus or another. No entrance needed, but it is hard to find public services. But the latest information this objects has been increased for tourism.
In brief, this is very recommended tourism object when you come to Yogyakarta. Here some the picture of the place.

The Palace of Mangir
People know The Palace of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Puro Pakualaman as the top tourism object in historical range. But, in the side of Yogyakarta, in the little village by a riverside named Mangir, there is an old palace called The Palace of Mangir (Kraton Mangir). Let me tell a little trivia for you: try to ask a guardian in the Yogyakarta’s Palace about Mangir and see the expression. This related to the history of two palaces, Mataram and Mangir. Mangir was ruled by Ki Ageng Mangir IV, one of the ancestries of Brawijaya V, the last king of Majapahit.
The legend of this story is very famous in the Yogyakarta’s people, because this is very heroic and epic story. Mataram is the symbol of majority and Mangir is the symbol of minority. And what the finally happen is the biggest ending, bigger than Romeo and Juliet sad ending. In short, if you have read Beowulf, it same with Beowulf.
To find this object is easy. Bus, motorcycle, or private car can be used to find this place. The village is located on southwest side from Yogyakarta, and about 35 kilometers. You will meet the very kind people, the characteristic of a villager. They will always smile at you. Here are some pictures of the palace. 

to be continue..


  1. Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal, so it will be helpful info for my works.

  2. you're welcome..
    i just think that they are great place and people need to come there..
    i'll publish the part 2 soon..thanks

  3. i have been there man.. did a research project! I was in Gunung Kelir, is that true? Yeah.. such a nice place!

    keep rock on!


  4. yeah that place is really good..
    but i think you have to come to nglengkong'll feel like in europe!

    wild place, dark, natural, with the mystical

  5. wait.. googling first!


  6. hohoho you can't find that place in google..
    even google map!
    you just come to my house, and i'll bring you to the place..but it's not ready for today, maybe in january..



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