Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gotong Royong: Reflection of Togetherness

Gotong royong (kind of activity, where there are many people doing something, like clean the environment, or build neighbors’ house, etc.) is a habit among Javanese people that still exist from long years ago. With this activity, there is no more something called social class. All is fade become one, and they have one same purpose.
Nowadays, this activity slowly moves to countdown to extinction, mostly in the big cities. In the writers’ village, this activity still exists, because this activity is very important to erase the differences between one and another. We can find the togetherness, harmonic relationship, and also jokes among them.
When young people gathered in the same place with older people, and they are in hardworking to help other, it is the beautiful situation you can made. The writer hope that this tradition can still alive, especially in Java, commonly in Nusantara (read: Indonesia).


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