Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Legend of Ki Ageng Mangir Wanabaya

In the past, when Panembahan Senopati was in his effort to strengthen Mataram Kingdom, there was an important figure, he is Ki Ageng Mangir Wanabaya. He became the enemy and the family of Panembahan Senopati at the same time. And the story goes…
After Panembahan Senopati became a King of Mataram, he has a conflict with Pajang that ruled by Sultan Hadiwijaya (Jaka Tingkir), and this conflict was won by Mataram. After that, Panembahan Senopati wants to strengthen his kingdom by defeat other counties, such as Pati and Surabaya. But, he got some “perlawanan” by Adipati Kulon Progo and Ki Ageng Mangir Wanabaya.
Ki Ageng Wanabaya III – in the place where this figure lives, he just called him as Ki Ageng Mangir, or Ki Ageng Wanabaya – actually is a figure that has relationship with Majapahit. His family tree shows that his ancient is from Majapahit. Ki Ageng Mangir III live in “desa perdikan” (it means that the place is free, and don’t belong to any Kingdom) Mangir, a little village near Progo River (in the next episode, the story will tell about the misunderstanding about where Ki Ageng Mangir live). In this village, Ki Ageng built a small gates and small kingdom, and then he refused to give a gift to Mataram. This make the anger of Panembahan Senopati, but Panembahan Senopati wonder to defeat Ki Ageng Mangir face to face, because Ki Ageng Mangir has an amazing weapon (made from giant snake tongue) called Tombak Baru Klinthing (this weapon now is in Kraton Yogyakarta). This weapon make Panembahan Senopati delayed the aggression to Mangir Kingdom, and forced him to use other technique to defeat him. And finally Panembahan Senopati got the way to defeat Ki Ageng Mangir.


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